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About Us | 2MamaBees

We are just two Mama Bees trying to juggle it all. Best friends from childhood we now are proud mommies of eight children. All 2MamaBees products are named after our own children. Our story started in our own backyards handcrafting playhouses for our families to enjoy. After years of customer feedback we took a leap of faith and 2MamaBees was born.

2MamaBees goal has always been simple: to provide families with safe, stylish outdoor gear that will get kids excited about spending time in nature. We make the finest quality playhouses, tested to meet and exceed safety standards, while adding a contemporary aesthetic to any backyard or indoor play space. Our playhouses are inspired by the modern farmhouse design - a favorite among contemporary luxury homes.
We really tried to take into consideration every aspect of playtime with our own kids when we designed our products. Our playhouses are all almost six feet tall inside to create room for parents to comfortably play as well. Finding ways to involve sensory play, motor development and environmental consciousness was also very important to us, which is why our stove handles click, our faucet knobs turn, our play food can be cut in half and our window boxes can be used to plant real flowers or herbs.