Warranty and Maintenance


• All wood parts are made from weather tolerant white pine and sealed with a water-based sealant. Weathering from seasonal changes and other outdoor exposure will cause moisture content of the wood to shift and cause cracking, warping, and fading. While these changes will not impact the integrity of the product, we advise regular maintenance to slow the speed and amount of weathering.

• In order to slow normal weathering and ensure warranty is not voided, it is required that a layer of sealant be applied to all wood surfaces every 1-2 years (yearly for areas that are humid and hot, every 2 years for areas that are dry. Before sealing, lightly sand wood pieces where there might be rough spots. This will reduce the rate of fading.

As part of safe play, we recommend daily checks of playhouse before used by children. Checks should include the following:

• Check bolts and hardware at swing connections to ensure they are tight and secure. Replace as necessary when cracked, loose, or missing.

• Ensure ropes and chains have no damage or are looped around top bar.

• Check all protective coverings on bolts, pipes, edges, and corners. Replace if they are loose, cracked, or missing.

• Check all moving parts including swing seats, ropes, cables, and chains for wear, rust, or the deterioration. Replace or lubricate as needed.

• Check metal parts for rust. If found, sand and repaint using a non lead-based paint meeting the requirements of 16 CFR 1303.

• Check depth of loose fill. Rake as needed to prevent compacting and thin areas. Add additional layers of materials as needed.

Once a month during play season: Lubricate all metallic moving parts per manufacturer’s instructions, check all moving parts including swing seats, ropes, cables and chains for wear, rust, or other deterioration. Replace as needed.

Twice a month during play season: Tighten all hardware, check all protective coverings on bolts, pipes, edges, and corners. Replace if they are loose, cracked, or missing. Rake and check depth of loose fill protective surfacing materials to prevent compaction and to maintain appropriate depth. Replace as necessary.

When temperatures drop below 32°F, remove and store swings.


All products carry a 1-year replacement warranty on all parts for manufacturer’s defect (which covers wood, hardware, and accessories). Our wood carries a 5 year warranty on rot and decay as well.

This Limited Warranty does not cover:

• Labor for any inspection

• Labor for replacement of any defective item(s)

• Incidental or consequential damages • Cosmetic defects which do not affect performance or integrity of a part or the entire product

• Vandalism, theft, improper use, failure due to loading or use beyond the capacities stated in the applicable Assembly Manual.

• Acts of nature including but not limited to wind, earthquake, storms, hail, floods, fires, excessive water exposure • Improper installation including but not limited to installation on uneven, unleveled, or soft ground

• Minor twisting, warping, cracking, or any other natural occurring properties of wood that do not affect performance or integrity

2MamaBees Playhouses have been designed for safety and quality. Modifications beyond painting could damage the structural integrity of product and lead to injury from product failure. Any modifications will void all warranties and guarantees. 4 2MamaBees Inc. www.2mamabees.com 833-MAMABEE (626-2233)


• Cost of parts (damaged or missing) will be covered by 2MamaBees for the first year. This includes Shipping & Handling.

• All replacement parts after first year of ownership will be charged as follows - Discount on parts will decrease by 20% for every year of ownership of playhouse. (Ex - Year 1 customer pays 20% of cost)

• Year 2 customer pays 40%, and so on). All shipping and handling will be covered by customer.

• Warranty is voided if use in any non-residential setting such as playgrounds, parks, daycares, or business settings.

• Warranty is non-transferable.

This Warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may have other rights as well which vary from state to state or province to province. This warranty excludes all consequential damages, however, some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of consequential damages and therefore this limitation may not apply to you.